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SaNsa International Artists’ Workshop in Ghana


A palavra Asante nsansaa e a palavra Eve sasa definem diversidade e unidade, o tema do terceiro Workshop Internacional que decorrerá de 2 a 16 de Junho no Ghana, na cidade de Kumassi.

Aqui pode ver-se o que outros andam a fazer desde 2004 no outro lado do continente e também conhecer quem participa nestas aventuras

" SaNsA has a mixture of college-trained and street- or compound-trained artists. This pluralism of approaches to art-making encompasses street painting as well as local and international practices.

Artists from many countries: (Ghana, Nigeria, Côte d’Ivoire, South Africa, Kenya, Wales, USA, Austria, France, Togo, Japan, Germany) took part in SaNsA (2004 / 2007) and , to a large extent, used local materials in innovative ways. Allowed into each other’s studios for two weeks, participants can watch works develop and learn from one another.

SaNsa Team

We are pleased to announce the third SaNsa International Artists’ Workshop in Ghana, which will take place at the Centre for National Culture (CNC), Kumasi, between 2nd and 16th of June, 2009. This event will bring together twenty artists of different nationalities.

So far we have invited artists from Ghana, Nigeria, China, Uganda, Côte d’Ivoire, South Korea, Mexico, Iran, India, USA, France, Cameroon and Portugal. The idea of the workshop is to encourage experimentation, the innovative use of local materials, collaboration and cross media exchange.

SanSa International Artists’ Workshop, Kumasi, Ghana is part of the Triangle artists network, established in 1982 by Robert Loder and Anthony Caro. This year, the workshop is being organised with some input from the British Museum.

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